About Us

JENKINS & HOGIN, LLP is a South Bay-based law firm formed in 2001 which specializes in the practice of municipal law. J&H is a team of lawyers who have devoted their careers to representing public entities. The firm currently serves as city attorney for the cities of Hermosa Beach, Lomita, Malibu, Rolling Hills, Santa Paula, and West Hollywood; as General Counsel for the South Bay Cities Council of Governments and the Westside Cities Council of Governments, the Los Angeles County West Vector Control District, West Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District, Antelope Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District, and the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District. The firm also serves as special counsel to various cities and other public agencies throughout California.


The most important ingredient to the successful attorney/client relationship is the client’s trust in the judgment and advice of its attorney. The firm’s lawyers are highly regarded in their field by both clients and colleagues; they are thoughtful and creative lawyers with proven track records in highly challenging and diverse municipal environments.

Our philosophy of service is grounded in these basic principles:

  • We are lawyers, not managers. As city attorneys, we provide legal advice to city councils (and their advisory bodies) and staff; we do not meddle in managerial responsibilities that rightfully belong to the City Manager and his or her staff.
  • We are lawyers, not policy makers. As city attorneys, we provide clear, understandable and independent legal advice. Our job is to evaluate and communicate options, keep our cities out of trouble and leave policy-making to the persons elected to do that job.
  • We are lawyers, not politicians. As city attorneys, we provide the same advice to all members of a city council and give the advice we think is legally correct. We steer clear of local politics.