Event Jun 15, 2016

Understanding Local Groundwater Storage Potential

UCLA Water Resource Group

Best Best & Krieger LLP Managing Partner Eric Garner will speak on two panels during the UCLA Water Resource Group's LA's Future Workshop "Understanding Local Groundwater Storage Potential."

9:15 a.m.: "Water Rights in Adjudicated and Unadjudicated Basins in the Los Angeles County: History, Current Status, Implications for Stormwater Capture and Storage, and Legal Solutions." During this panel, Eric will discuss increasing stormwater incentives for non–rights holders in adjudicated basins, and in unadjudicated basins subject to SGMA: What are the legal avenues for stormwater agencies and groundwater basin managers to do this?

2:55 p.m.: "Increasing Conjunctive Use and Storage through More Stormwater Capture: Panel and Audience Discussions." As a panelist, Eric will touch on how we can improve the incentives for stormwater capture and storage in groundwater basins. How much can we increase sustainable yield through this approach? 

Wednesday, June 15

UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs
3250 Public Affairs Building 
Room 2355
Los Angeles, CA 90095

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