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Federal Infrastructure Outline Released

Details Local Agencies Need are Included

Today, the White House released a legislative outline that, for the first time, provides details on the $1.5 trillion infrastructure package discussed by President Trump in recent weeks. This 55-page document provides some particulars of the administration’s thinking on various aspects of the program, ranging from direct federal spending to regulatory reforms and workforce issues. Congress will draft any infrastructure package that is ultimately adopted, but this document lays out what the White House would like to see. The Congressional effort will involve at least four committees in each body. 
The outline highlights a number of issues that are of particular interest to local governments. In addition to top-line programs (the proposed Infrastructure Incentives, Rural Infrastructure and Transformative Projects programs), the outline proposes reforms to existing transportation, railroad, water and rural utilities programs. It also seeks to “create flexibility and broaden eligibility to facilitate use of private activity bonds.” Another area of emphasis is the permitting process for infrastructure proposals. The administration proposed significant reforms aimed at substantially shortening review timelines, limiting the scope, cost and delay associated with environmental review, and delegating permitting authority to the states.
The process of developing infrastructure legislation is in its early stages, and the outline lacks many of the details essential to understanding the impact of these proposals. It is important, however, to understand the substance of proposals as they start to solidify. As these issues are addressed in Congress and, later, at federal agencies, it will be essential for any interested party to keep apprised of the potential impacts, as well as likely opportunities to leverage new sources of funding and streamlined permitting to address local infrastructure issues.
To learn more about how your agency can prepare for — and be involved in shaping — the infrastructure plan, contact the authors of this Legislative Alert to the right in the firm’s Government Relations and Municipal Law groups, or your BB&K attorney.
“A Peek Inside the Trump Infrastructure Plan: What Local Government Agencies Should Know”
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