Authored Articles & Publications Feb 08, 2019

Open Secrets: Police Records and the PRA

BB&K’s Christine Wood and Alexander Brand Go In-Depth on SB 1421 in Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine

The passage of Senate Bill 1421 last year amended sections of California’s Penal Code to allow the public to obtain some peace officer records with a California Public Records Act request. This represents a departure from the status quo and could have significant impact on policing, governance and records retention, write Best Best & Krieger LLP’s Director of PRA Services and E-Discovery Counsel Christine Wood and Associate Alexander Brand in the February 2019 issue of Los Angeles Lawyer magazine.
In the cover story, they note that, prior to SB 1421, most peace officer personnel records were considered confidential and would only be disclosed in limited circumstances. In fact, California was considered to be one of the most secretive states in the country when it came to the disclosure of peace officer personnel and disciplinary records.
Read the article “Opening Secrets,” available online by clicking here (page 18) or download the pdf by clicking here.
This article was reprinted with permission from Los Angeles Lawyer, a publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association.

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