BB&K In the News Jun 28, 2016

Attorneys React to High Court’s Political Bribery Ruling

BB&K Attorney Gary Schons Shared His Thoughts on McDonnell Ruling With Law360

Best Best & Krieger LLP Of Counsel Gary Schons was included in a round-up of reactions from lawyers to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision Monday to overturn former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell’s corruption convictions.

“Public officials are breathing a collective sigh of relief in the wake of the Court’s decision that former Gov. Bob McDonnell’s acts did not constitute ‘official acts’ under the federal bribery statute, finding that merely ‘setting up a meeting, talking to another official, or organizing an event’ does not fit the definition of ‘official act.’ Chief Justice Roberts explained that, if such activity was swept into the federal bribery statute, it would ‘cast a pall’ on ‘the basic compact underlying representative government’ — that is to say, how business gets done in politics and government.” – Gary Schons

Read all the reactions, posted June 28, 2016 to Law360, by clicking here (subscription required).

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