BB&K In the News Jul 25, 2016

Water Futures

Managing Partner Eric Garner Discusses Changing Water Infrastructure with Best Lawyers

In “Water Futures,” which published in the Summer Business Edition 2016 of Best Lawyers magazine, Best Best & Krieger LLP Managing Partner Eric Garner was asked about ways to address water supply and quality issues. 

“Desalination is one of the things that has to be in a portfolio to maintain the water supply, along with water recycling, storm water recapture, conservation, and a real focus on more efficient water use, both in urban areas and for agriculture. It’s going to take all those things,” Eric said in an interview.

In discussing the conflicts that arise over water, Eric said: “I was at an international legal conference in Vienna last year, and people in the mountains of Austria complain that Vienna steals their water…. It’s the same everywhere.” 


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