BB&K In the News Dec 03, 2019

Illinois Bribery Scandal Draws Comparisons to Calif. Ethics Rules

BB&K's Gary Schons Interviewed by The Associated Press

Best Best & Krieger LLP attorney Gary Schons was interviewed by The Associated Press on financial disclosure laws for public officials in the wake of a federal bribery scandal in Illinois. In an article that examined reporting laws, Schons discussed California’s requirements and disclosure forms, compared to those in Illinois.
“California's disclosure form, while resembling an income tax return, tracks closely to the Illinois edition, said Gary Schons, a lawyer with Best Best & Krieger in San Diego who assists public officials filing disclosures. But any form ‘is only as good as the person filling it out,’ Schons said, and requiring recusal from votes on potential conflicts is another check on public officials.
"’It (disclosure) is a hand-in-glove thing with our conflict law,’ Schons said. ‘Part of the reason it exists is to remind the filer, when he's confronted with a governmental decision, oh, I own this stock, or I have a rental house.’
“The other part, of course, Schons said, is to allow taxpayers to see a public official's financial standing ‘and also to contrast that with information they get that he didn't report.’"
Read the entire article, which appeared Dec. 1 in multiple publications nationwide, in the Bismarck Tribune.

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