BB&K Webinar Apr 07, 2020

BB&K Workshop: Reviewing and Amending a Conflict of Interest Code

BB&K Webinar

This Best Best & Krieger LLP webinar addresses the structure of a valid conflict of interest code and the processes and procedures involved to ensure an agency's Code is in compliance with the Political Reform Act.

Topics include:

  • Authority and purposes of a conflict of interest code
  • Required components of a valid code
  • Who is affected by a code – types of filers
  • How to review a code – identify necessary changes
  • Using Forms 804 and 805 to identify filers
  • Procedures for adopting a code and getting it approved
  • Duties of code reviewing bodies for approving codes  

Who should attend:

  • City clerks
  • School district filing officers
  • Special district filing officers
  • Any other filing officers and filing officials designated in agency conflict of interest codes
  • Assistants or backup personnel to filing officers or filing officials


Tuesday, Apr. 7
10 a.m. - Noon (PDT)


$75 per person


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