California Public Records Act

The California Public Records Act was adopted to foster transparency, accountability and greater public access to government records. While these are all worthy goals, complying with records requests can be complicated, costly and time consuming. This is especially true with increasing amounts of data being stored, accessed and shared on both public and private devices. Public agencies must wade through large amounts of data, determine disclosability and exemptions under the PRA, all while respecting privacy rights and responding within a reasonable time to records requests. The consequences for not doing this right can be expensive litigation and the requester’s attorneys’ fees.
Faced with these challenges, local public agencies, including cities, special districts and school districts, rely on Best Best & Krieger LLP for clear and accurate guidance. With the largest full-service public agency practice in California and a reputation as a leader in the field, BB&K regularly provides hundreds of public agencies throughout the State with timely, strategic advice on all aspects of the PRA.

BB&K is also pleased to offer ARC: Advanced Records Center — a full-service, scalable and responsive resource utilizing experienced legal personnel and leading-edge technology to supplement in-house resources for greater consistency, efficiency and lower litigation liability (or risk). ARC provides comprehensive legal service with cost-effective support for records-related matters including PRA request processing, as well as policy drafting and training.

Leading Authority
 Always at the forefront on emerging issues, our attorneys and paralegals are leading authorities in public agency and PRA law. Members of our firm were instrumental in helping prepare the League of California Cities’ Guide to the California Public Records Act. We speak and write extensively on legislative changes and legal developments impacting how the PRA is interpreted and applied, and always keep our clients informed. For example, BB&K was one of the first law firms to advise clients on the significant impact of the California Supreme Court’s 2017 City of San Jose decision regarding disclosure of records stored on personal electronic devices. Through decades of practice, we understand the challenges our public agency clients face and are well prepared with strategies to help streamline the response process and avoid costly pitfalls.
Comprehensive Service
 Our services include: 

  • Helping clients efficiently locate, review and produce hard copy and electronic records while ensuring privacy rights are respected
  • Evaluating what should be disclosed — and which documents and communications are exempt from disclosure
  • Establishing best practices for agency staff members on PRA compliance, access and response protocols, and privacy protection
  • Providing clear guidance and assistance in responding to, and fulfilling, records requests
  • Drafting determination letters that document the agency response efforts, build public trust and shield the agency from costly litigation
  • Keeping our clients current regarding pending legislation and cases, court decisions and significant statutory and regulatory developments
  • Providing customized training programs on best practices
  • Representing clients’ processes before courts to defend their disclosure determinations and claims of exemption
  • Consulting with city attorneys on PRA disclosure, litigation and writs
  • Guiding clients through the legal provisions affecting police, fire and public education records under the PRA and education statutes

Further, with the emergence of new technologies, we use ARC’s certified e-Discovery specialists to regularly advise clients regarding the use of public and private electronic devices, and the public’s right to access information, including electronic communications.

BB&K is helping public agencies navigate Public Records Act compliance with our new Advanced Records Center. Combining legal know-how with cutting-edge technology, ARC provides comprehensive and cost-effective support for all records-related matters, including PRA requests. To learn more, visit the ARC page or email

Areas of Focus: Charters & Internal Organizations | General & Special Counsel | Government Policy & Public Integrity | Municipal Law | Public Agency Litigation
Areas of Focus: Business Litigation | Business Services & School Facilities | California Public Records Act | Municipal Law | Public Agency Litigation
Areas of Focus: Economic Development, Real Estate & Affordable Housing | Government Policy & Public Integrity | Municipal Law | Police & Public Safety | Special Districts
Areas of Focus: California Public Records Act | Government Policy & Public Integrity | Municipal Law | Public Agency Litigation
Areas of Focus: ARC: Advanced Records Center | California Public Records Act | Government Policy & Public Integrity
Areas of Focus: California Public Records Act | Comprehensive Code Enforcement | Economic Development, Real Estate & Affordable Housing | Land Use, Planning & Zoning | Municipal Law | Water
Areas of Focus: Education Law | Eminent Domain | General & Special Counsel | Government Policy & Public Integrity | Municipal Law | Special Districts
Areas of Focus: Environmental Law & Natural Resources | General & Special Counsel | Government Policy & Public Integrity | Municipal Law | Special Districts | Water
Areas of Focus: Bankruptcy | Government Policy & Public Integrity | Municipal | Public Agency Litigation | Renewable Energy
Areas of Focus: California Public Records Act | Government Policy & Public Integrity | Municipal Law | Public Agency Labor & Employment | Public Agency Litigation | Special Districts
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Jurisdiction Over CPRA Cases Not Limited to Courts in the County Where Records are Situated

A California Appellate Court Draws a Distinction between the Power of a Court to Rule —“Jurisdiction”— and the Proper Place for a CPRA Suit —“Venue”

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Investigatory Privilege and California Public Records Act Requests

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Electronic Records: Considerations for Public Agencies to Ensure State Law Compliance

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Another SB 1421 Decision Against Law Enforcement Agencies

Police Records Must Be Disclosed Even if Created or Officer Employed By Different Agency, California Appellate Court Says

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New Public Agency, California Public Records Act, Education and Labor & Employment Laws

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LAPD Agrees to Requirements Significantly Beyond the CPRA

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Public Agencies Should Follow Appellate Decision on SB 1421 Despite New, Conflicting Ruling

Ventura County Decision Latest to Address Public Release of Police Records

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California Court of Appeal Publishes Opinion Requiring Release of Police Personnel Records Under SB 1421

Decision is Binding on All Trial Courts in the State

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Attorney-Client Privilege Successfully Argued by City in PRA Case

California Appellate Court Decision Says Even a Judge Can’t Review Privileged Records

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Public Agency Access to Data Does Not Make Data Disclosable Under PRA

California Appellate Court Ruling in Anderson-Barker v. Superior Court of Los Angeles County

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First Court Ruling on Merits of SB 1421

Police Unions’ Argument to Block Release of Pre-2019 Records Found “Legally Unmeritorious”

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SB 1421 Challenged in Courts, But Most California Public Agencies Must Still Produce Peace Officer Records

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California Attorney General’s Office Clarifies its Information Bulletin Regarding Public Access to Police Records

Information Bulletin Regarding SB 1421 Does Not Impose New Records Retention Requirements

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Full-Service Public Records Act Response, Training and Advice

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New and Expanded Services and More Attorneys and Staff Added in 2018

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TigerText, Used in Long Beach, Automatically Deletes Messages

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Certain Police Personnel Records No Longer Confidential

New California Law Increases Access to Records Under PRA

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AB 748: More Public Access to Body Camera Footage Under PRA

Amendment to California Law Gives Public Agencies More Responsibility to Provide Footage

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Public Agencies Do Not Have to Create Records for PRA Requesters

California Appellate Court Reinforces Principle

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Public Agency Spared Attorneys’ Fees Award in Reverse PRA Action

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Isabel Safie and Jill Tremblay Return to 2018 So. Cal. Super Lawyers Rising Stars List

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Private Attorney General Statute to Award Fees Used in a Reverse-PRA Dispute

Part III: Pasadena Police Officers Association v. City of Pasadena

Legal Alerts Apr 19, 2018

An Appellate Court’s Observation May Have Effect on Reverse-PRA Actions

Part II: Pasadena Police Officers Association v. City of Pasadena

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PRA Fee Award Narrowed to Cover the Issue of Scope of Redactions

Part I: Pasadena Police Officers Association v. City of Pasadena

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Top 5 Tips for Responding to a PRA Request (Hint: Communication is Key)

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California’s Labor & Employment Changes for 2018: Part I

Legislative Changes Impacting Employers

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2018 California Public Agency Laws – Part III

Cannabis, LAFCO Law and a Round Up of Other New Laws Impacting Public Agencies

Legal Alerts Jan 10, 2018

2018 California Public Agency Laws – Part II

Housing and Land Use, Environment, Public Property/Public Works and Economic Development

Legal Alerts Jan 09, 2018

2018 California Public Agency Laws – Part I

Elections, Public Records Act, Revenue and Conflicts of Interest

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Five Attorneys Named to Partnership

BB&K Announces Promotions

Event Sep 26, 2017

Growth: The Leadership Conference for Special Districts

2017 CSDA Annual Conference

Legal Alerts Aug 31, 2017

Automated License Plate Scans Data May Be Disclosed

California Supreme Court Finds Public Record Exemptions Do Not Apply

Legal Alerts Aug 21, 2017

PRA Request Compliance May Not Shield from Attorney's Fees

California Appellate Court Orders City to Pay

Legal Alerts Aug 01, 2017

AB 119: What Public Employers Need to Know about their Obligations to Give Unions Access to New Employees

Information, Access and Notice Requirements for Public Employers

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Five BB&K Attorneys Included on Palm Springs Life 2017 Top Lawyer List

Coachella Valley’s Best Lawyers Recognized in Magazine’s Annual List

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The People's Business: A Guide to the California Public Records Act

BB&K Attorneys Contributed to LCC Publication

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San Jose PRA Decision: Q&A

By Gary W. Schons and HongDao Nguyen

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Civil Discovery Act Applies to Public Records Act Proceedings, California Appellate Court Concludes

May Impose Increased Burdens on Public Agencies

Mar 08, 2017

[WEBINAR] Do You Know the Way from San Jose: The Public Records Act and Private Emails

BB&K Webinar on California Supreme Court Decision

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Is a Private Email a Public Record? Context Matters!

By Gary W. Schons

Legal Alerts Mar 02, 2017

E-Communications on Private Accounts May Be Subject to Disclosure Under the California Public Records Act

State Supreme Court Opinion Impacts Public Agencies

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